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PLSQL views that can help identify a specific record the type, the field and table names in a large Oracle DB. With NO Schema or knowledge of which table to start with?

I need to reverse engineer an Oracle database with no access to the DB schema or how the table relationships work. The software manufacturer will not allow anyone to know that and pressures its customers to purchase a very expensive report writer consultant that most customers would rather circumvent.

This expert comment shows information about Views that are available for the Oracle tool PLSQL Developer. "The views to get tables, columns and data types are readily available.  Then you would just need to loop through them to build the SQL to select out the data."

Does anyone know what he is talking about and where I might find the code for this?
I assume I plug them into PLSQL and run it against the DB.
Is there a site with all this kind of info?
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