The instruction at 0x08002515 referenced memory at 0x003a006c. The memory could not be read

I am using  report builder(Oracle 10g dev suite) in windows 2012. It is successfully creating reports and all reports are working fine. but its giving error while creating one of the long report. Error is
"The instruction at 0x08002515 referenced memory at 0x003a006c. The memory could not be read.
click ok to terminate the program"
Any help is appreciated. Thanx!
lekha aryaAsked:
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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
may depend on the report
i've rewritten a few reports which caused massive memory consumption

depends on how much data is being returned too
Check your virtual memory settings and increase if you see it's very low; then reboot and try again.

Also run the command sfc /scannow to check for file corruption.
lekha aryaAuthor Commented:
@ID-42489637 Yeah, it create a long 300 page PDF. But it was working correctly in windows 2003. recently we migrated to windows 2012. Here only this RDF is creating problem.  

@ferrarista - This is a new server hence virtual memory is good. RAM is also fine. we have delete some proxy variables as well. sfc /scannow  command I think only admin can use it. Hey will this command change something in server? Is it good to use in server ? Please assist
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
what produces the error ?
the reporting tool or the database or the query or ?

the pga memory setting may be wrong, if you've set it
is the database working with memory_target ?
have you got more memory assigned to the db than you have in the server ?
lekha aryaAuthor Commented:
I think its reporting tool which is giving error. I checked database query in sql developer . its working fine.  PGA memory setting- Do I need to do it in somewhere  in Oracle_home\reports\conf? and which conf file. Please let me know
database working with memory_target----  Please elloborate.
memory assigned to db-- not sure coz other team had installed it on server.
I am using it very first time. So please be patient with my question . :-)
lekha aryaAuthor Commented:
Hi, If any one could help? I have checked trace log . It exit when report is half created. Hence when I check report in cache it is showing me error - Report is damaged.
Is there any parameter that I have to  set ? Any configuration change in report tool. Please assist.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
i'd try it with oracle support.
but you'll have to give them way more than what you've provided here in regards to information

an error usually contains a very specific number
that helps in pinpointing the cause of the problem
lekha aryaAuthor Commented:
It started working after making below changes to rwbuilder conf file.

<engine id="rwEng" class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" initEngine="1" maxEngine="1" minEngine="0" engLife="50" maxIdle="120" callbackTimeOut="90000">
<connection maxConnect="220" idleTimeOut="120">

Thanks All!
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
changes ?
i'm assuming you set the timeouts to a bigger number

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