Crazy number of rapid-fire 4797 inquiries in Security Auditing Logs Bad News?

Getting hundreds of 4797 password inquiries showing in my Windows 8.1 Event Logs>Windows>Security>Auditing. There are, for example, 37 within 2 minutes last Friday.
My computer name is CheekyXMonkey. I am not aware of anything I did to generate a password inquiry.  HP Computer (2014), AMD processor (specs ? ), 16 gigs of DDRAM, 500 gig hard drive (15% used), Firefox 52.4 (downgraded from FF v. 57 due to dislike). Passport one terabyte external backup drive.

Is someone trying to hack my computer? I recently had a close call with a fake internet movie website that turned out to be a international scam. (Yes, I'm horrified! Thought I was too smart for that to happen! And, no, it wasn't porn! LOL)  I was able to realize it was too questionable before entering any info, but a lot of odd things have happened on my computer since!  I am the only one who uses this home computer.
TIA for any help and info you can give me!  
Kathy Wardlow Ingwerson, Outer Banks, NC USA

Log Name:      Security
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing
Date:          03/02/2018 4:19:12 PM
Event ID:      4797
Task Category: User Account Management
Level:         Information
Keywords:      Audit Success
User:          N/A
Computer:      CheekyXMonkey
An attempt was made to query the existence of a blank password for an account.

      Security ID:            LOCAL SERVICE
      Account Name:            LOCAL SERVICE
      Account Domain:            NT AUTHORITY
      Logon ID:            0x3E5

Additional Information:
      Caller Workstation:      CHEEKYXMONKEY
      Target Account Name:      Guest
      Target Account Domain:      CHEEKYXMONKEY
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing" Guid="{54849625-5478-4994-A5BA-3E3B0328C30D}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-03-02T21:19:12.131447400Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="792" ThreadID="844" />
    <Security />
    <Data Name="SubjectUserSid">S-1-5-19</Data>
    <Data Name="SubjectUserName">LOCAL SERVICE</Data>
    <Data Name="SubjectDomainName">NT AUTHORITY</Data>
    <Data Name="SubjectLogonId">0x3e5</Data>
    <Data Name="Workstation">CHEEKYXMONKEY</Data>
    <Data Name="TargetUserName">Guest</Data>
    <Data Name="TargetDomainName">CHEEKYXMONKEY</Data>
Kathy IngwersonAging Hippie w/Tech SkillsAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Target Account Name:      Guest

Description: An attempt was made to query the existence of a blank password for an account.

Well, it sure looks like mischief afoot to me.
Naveen SharmaCommented:
Seems like an application or service makes an attempt to query the accounts which have blank password. I think some security software may make such request, close it and execute a clean boot to test.

How to perform a clean boot in Windows:

Also, keep system is up to date, there is link talks about this Event, maybe can give you some prompt

Event 4797 “An attempt was made to query the existence of a blank password for an account”

Event ID 4797 — COM+ General Functionality:

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Kathy IngwersonAging Hippie w/Tech SkillsAuthor Commented:
Naveen, you inadvertantly got me the answer I needed, via some info on the last link you posted, so thank you for that.  I have to say I had a difficult time understanding what you were saying due to your broken English. I have no problem with broken English except when I can't understand what you mean or are saying.  The problem was not due to an app or service making the inquiries, as in my post I showed you the logs which identified who was making the inquiries (it is coded but not an app or service).  And it was not my security software either. Same reason.  "Also keep system is up to date"? What? What are you talking about?  

Thank you for your inadvertant help.
Kathy IngwersonAging Hippie w/Tech SkillsAuthor Commented:
The info at the last link on this page has a response from Microsoft about the inquiries which resolves the question.
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