Do cable broadband "splitters" work?

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Do cable broadband "splitters" work ?

Problem: one cable going into "TV Box" but if I remove this and use a "splitter". Does this mean I connect it to a cable modem?
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Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

Yes, they work.  There will be some signal loss.  More in the cheaper ones. But unless the signal coming in is weak, it shouldn't be a problem.


great! what about the ones with a built in LAN port?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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A good splitter will split a cable between TV and any cable modem (LAN ports do not matter).

Make sure your cable company allows it (ask them).
Distinguished Expert 2018

Like already mentioned, a coax splitter is a non issue. You would be able to connect a modem and a TV without issue as long as the signal is good. For these cases, it does not matter whether the modem is just a modem or has an integrated router.

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