Help with GDPR and encrypting Emails \ CD's

I am looking for some advice on GDPR

Does GDPR require us to encrypt all outgoing emails? If so what is the best software for achieving this?

Same question for CD - DVD - which contain medical records

How secure is Office 365 Email in the cloud - I presume it's GDPR compliant?

Any other advice regarding GDPR would be great.
Ian PriceIT ManagerAsked:
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For emails, you could implement some PGP method, ex.
Only emails involving personal information needs to be encrypted. Also, obviously, you need to involve the other party as well, as you both need to implement the same solution.
If no protocol with the other side has been setup and you DO need to send over personal information, you can also leave the email message itself clean (from personal information), and the rest, put it in a word/excel doc or whatever, and send it as a zip file with password protection. The password itself, you can deliver through a phone conversation.
Email will be a difficult matter, as there are always two sides when email is involved.

CD/DVD, use special software please, like ESET Endpoint Encryption:

Office 365 itself is not GDPR compliant, as you can easily send out an email with personal information to an unknown person (or even attach a full database as a flat file).
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Are you on LinkedIn?

If so, search for a UK guy called Tony Marshall. He is a GDPR specialist and will be able to advise.

Naveen SharmaCommented:
Email security solution for successful GDPR compliance include:

Email Archiving.
Advanced Threat Protection from malicious URLs, attachments, phishing attacks.
Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention to ensure that your organization is not at risk of losing sensitive information.

Transferring personal data by CD or DVD:

Worth reading, GDPR Guides:

GDPR Compliance – Data Collection Rules
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