Changing currency data type

In Ms Access the data type currency is set to recognise the US Dollar, now is there a way to format this data type to recognise any currency of our choice?
Hankwembo Christopher,FCCA,FZICA,CIA,MAAT,B.A.ScDirectorAsked:
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Dale FyeCommented:
It recognizes whatever your Windows regional settings are set to.

If you need to address multiple currencies, I would recommend an additional field in your table for CurrencyType, make it a drop-down to allow the user to select the appropriate currency.

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
the data type currency is set to recognise the US Dollar

No, it is set to display as USD, and it is USD because that is the currency setting of your Windows.
The data type Currency is neutral and will accept any amount with up to four decimals.

Currency values can be formatted and displayed as you like, but there is no native functions in Access for display in other currencies than the default of Windows.
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