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Hello experts - I'm looking for a solution to save me time when preparing PCs for deployment.  I work for an architecture firm and we use primarily Dell Precision PCs but each it built to order and there are no two exactly the same.  I have a standard set of software that all architectural users get.  Right now, I prepare each one manually which takes nearly a full day to get ready.  I'd like to explore other options but am not sure where to start.  Ideally I'd create a standard image containing all the software we normally use and deploy that to new machines without having to go through the install process for every application.  I'm not sure how that would work with each machine having slightly different hardware, windows licenses etc.  Where would be a good place to start with this?
danbrown_IT ManagerAsked:
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noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
You can use for this MDT2013 (Microsoft Deployment Tools) which can help you deploy the "golden" image to remote machines. It is a big solution which requires time for learning. Or you can use a third party tool such as Paragon Deployment Manager  or Acronis Snap Deploy.
Plus you need Microsoft Volume License because you cannot deploy OEM key to other machines.
danbrown_IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ok, so all of these machines are Dell and have OEM licenses.  Does that mean I am not able to do this?
noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
You are able to do this but it is not allowed by Microsoft. If you deployment the image from non-activated Windows and then activate each machine separately by entering different OEM keys for each machine then this would be ok I think.  Look this nice article: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uktechnet/2013/05/14/licensing-logic-whats-the-difference-between-oem-retail-and-volume-licenses/
With Volume License you do not have this hassle.
If you have the OEM keys on stickers or provided separately then you can deploy non-activated machine and enter the key later manually.
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