Calculated FIeld (How many columns are Yes)

Looking for some assistance on a SP Calculated field....

I have 26 fields F01 -- F26 that are simple drop downs Yes or No
I need to count how many times F01 - F26 are set to yse with a Calculated field.....


I use
To see how many times they are non-blank
Matt PinkstonEnterprise ArchitectAsked:
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Matt PinkstonEnterprise ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Tried this but did not like it
IF([F01] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F02] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F03] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F04] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F05] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F06] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F07] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F08] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F09] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F10] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F11] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F12] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F13] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F14] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F15] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F16] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F17] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F18] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F19] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F20] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F21] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F22] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F23] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F24] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F25] = "YES", 1, 0)+ IF([F26] = "YES", 1, 0)
If you don't like to use calculated column then you might want to use info path designer.
use the same list form but just write the logic in behind. Update the field by adding logic on when a  one of the field is Yes then update a random text field and use that.
Another option is write a SharePoint designer workflow and do the same check the value and update another text field which you are using as a calculated field.
If there is lot of logic then better use other options.

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Keyboard CowboyCommented:
You might run into a limit on the # of chars in a calc'ed field - workflows work best for this kind of thing - unless you want that value for lots of records - then you have to run the workflow on tons of records.  the trick to that it to put in a hidden trigger field - then set the workflow to run on modification - then bring up a datasheet (quick edit) view with the trigger field visible - change the top one  - then pull down to the other records  - don't trigger more than about say 30-40 records at a time or SP will get mad.
Keyboard CowboyCommented:
Solution and warning about SP limits given
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