SQL Server 2012 export to XML

I have SQL server 2012.

I need to set up an automated export of data to XML format and email to a set of people every day.

I can run the query to select the data I want.  Im just not sure how to export that data to an XML form.
Curtis LongAsked:
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
How big is the data ?
Why export the data ?
Why not incorporate the data into the email itself ?
and again, you mention exporting to an XML Form - please explain

Have you got database mail set up in SQL Server ?
Curtis LongAuthor Commented:
I have not setup database mail.  I should probably start there??

I need to send this data every week to another recipient.

Incorporate the data into the email.....ok.
Curtis LongAuthor Commented:
Would it be better/more effective to replicate certain data from my server to another??
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Hi Curtis,

You can replicate, but sounds like you will still need to communicate.

So, could be a case of doing both ?

That's your call :)
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