wsus pool stoping

i have wsus installed on windows srv 2016 when i try to make the client gate the update from wsus the wsus pool on iis stopping
so where is the problem ?
Amin El-ZeinAsked:
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Amin El-ZeinAuthor Commented:
i resloved it by change wsus pool memery limit to 0
Rich WeisslerProfessional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooterCommented:
Is this a new installation of WSUS on the Windows Server 2016?  Or was it working before, and it has stopped recently?
Are there any relevant messages in the Windows System or Application Event Log at approximately the same time the client attempts to get the update?
Does the problem occur if ANY client attempts to get an update, or one specific client?
If you start the application pool again, and no client attempts to get an update, does the WSUS application pool stop anyway?
What version of WSUS is installed?  What version Windows clients are hitting the WSUS Server?  When were patches last applied on the WSUS application server?  Are you running antivirus compatible with the January 2018 Windows updates on the Windows Server 2016?
Amin El-ZeinAuthor Commented:
i resolved by my self
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