Excel slider (use dates vs. $ values)


In this example (see attachment), the slider is linked to cell  G3.   It increases/decreases by a value of $100.


Now, I now would like to use the same concept (slider) but instead of a $ value, I would like to increase (not decrease) the value using a DATE FORMAT.

That is, each time I click the slider, I would like to show "Apr 2018", then "May 2018", and so forth.

Also, as time goes on, I would like the start date to meet "Today's Date".   That is, in two months (May 2018), the first time I click on the slider, a value of "June 2018" should be generated.

How can I accomplish this?  

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NorieConnect With a Mentor VBA ExpertCommented:
What you could do is instead of linking the slider directly to the cell you want the date in link it to another cell, let's say G4.

Then put this formula in G3,


adjust the settings for the slider to

Incremental change:1
Page change:12.

and format G3 as required, e.g. mmmm yyyy

Note the settings for the slider can be adjusted to suit but would cover from January 2010 to December 2012.

To get the slider set for the current month might require a bit of code but it might be possible by adjusting the formula in G3.
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

The overall concept works really great.   Starting with year 2010 (vs. 2018), however, is a constraint.   If you could think of modifying the approach, I certainly would welcome your feedback.  

Thank you,
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

Actually, the solution is quite simple... I changed the Min/Max values from "1, 144" to "97, 240".   Now, the slider starts with Jan. 2018.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
You could just change the 2010 in the formula I suggested to 2018 if you wanted to start at January 2008.
ExpExchHelpAuthor Commented:

Yes -- I didn't even notice that.   I changed the formula and set min/max values to 1-144.  

Again, thank you!
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