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Install UAC Programs on Domain Computers Windows server 2016

Hello Fellas,

I am a brand new network admin fresh out of college. I have only taken classes on ADDS and am now responsible for the ADDS. I currently want to install a program which has to run as admin ,as it prompts for UAC, on all of my 33 computers within my domain. I could go around and install them manually but that I feel is lame and wont help me learn. So I created a script to install the program with admin credentials. Now not only is this a bad idea as it has my username and password as plain text but it also doesn't work as a run at login script within gpo (Computer config -->Policies-->  windows settings) nor does it work within task scheduler. I am running Windows server 2016. I have tried enabling windows powershell execution and its currently set as allow all scripts. I have also changed it to a user policy on a different gpo on another OU called bullpen user restrictions and it still fails. I ensured that its linked and enforced. Here is my domain forest from a zoomed out perspective:

I have tried some other programs to get around the UAC but all have failed in some way or another. I have tried RUNASGUI, Autoit, converting the exe to an msi and editing it with Orca but no dice. The script will work if I navigate to the share its stored on (yes domain users and computers have permissions) and run the script it works and installs the program successfully. I plan on at least encrypting the credentials but one thing at a time and that is automation. Any help is appreciated and thanks!
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