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hi all,

I hope someone can help  / show me where to look.
We have a list (let's say a To-Do list for example), and when someone clicks "New" a form pops up and people enter details, hit save and it gets added to the log.
The person who made the form is away at the moment and we want to modify the form. I'm not sure if it was built on InfoPath, Excel (is that possible), etc.

My question is: how can I find where this form resides and edit it? We need to add some more fields but I've looked around the site (even doing a search for .xsn extensions) and googled away but no luck. I've looked in each document and list library but can't find it. There has to be a way? The drop downs in the form I can modify / add things as they're just in the list, but the form itself - I'm at a loss. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.
Jen TAsked:
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Christopher GoreConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
One gotcha in creating custom forms in the designer (ie. another form called neweditif.aspx, ...) and set it as default, after you generate the form for the first time based on the list the fields will show up. If you add additional fields to that list then open the form, the fields will not automatically add those fields to your custom form.  You will have to add them manually.  That can drive you crazy if you miss that step since the fields exist but when you preview the form they do not show up.  In Infopath, when you alter the form, it's intuitive that you are adding the new fields visually and they will show up in your preview.
Walter CurtisConnect With a Mentor SharePoint AEDCommented:
Each list or library has three forms associated with it,; newitem.aspx, edititem.aspx, viewitem.aspx. You can access those forms from the browser (limited customization from the browser), or from SharePoint designer for more customization. If these are infopath forms you will need infopath to edit the forms.

From SharePoint desiger, go to the list/lbrary and you will see the forms area and be able to open the forms for modifying.

Good luck...
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Information provided is accurate and correct.
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