Need to configure ASUS RT-AC3200 to work with Windows RDP....


I am attempting to replace our old Netgear FVS318N with a ASUS RT-AC3200 Router/Wireless.
> We have a single Static IP-Address from our ISP (These are made up values):
=> Ip-Address: xx.xx.xx.70
=> Mask:
=> GW: xx.xx.xx.69
= ISP has supplied us with a CISCO IAD (Modem/Router) with only one Port (Port 0/0)

We were able to get our office LAN up with the ASUS RT-AC3200 by taking the one output from the IAD and inserting it into the WAN port of the ASUS.
> From there, and under the WAN settings section of the ASUS UI, I enter the ISP Static IP information with the two DNS ip-address that Birch provided.
> Internet access was restored and piece cover the land.

Now, I need to get RDP working - We have 6 managers who work in the field and who need to use Windows RDP to connect remotely to their office PCs.
> Using Windows RDP, they each have a uniqiue ip-address/port combination that they use: xx.xx.xx.70:xx204
> This was all working with the Netgear, and of course, getting the ASUS configured to do the same thing is becoming a challenge.
> Using the ASUS/WAN section of the Router's configuration web based tool, I configured the "Port Forwarding" for Port xx204 and pointed the forwarding to the manager's PC ip-address:
> These actions were based on a document that ASUS Tech support sent me.
> Configuring the Netgear was far more complicated and I can not help but think that I am missing something with the ASUS.

It is not working...

Anyone have any experience with the ASUS RT-AC3200?
> ASUS tech support assisted, but since there is an ISP involved, there is not much they can do for me...

Inquiring minds would like to know...

Addition information...
Found a TubeVideo on this topic.
> I went back to the ASUS UI and created a new Port-Forwarding entry.
> Instead of the port xx204, I used Port-3389 and it worked.
> According to the video, I can only use that 3389 once to point one PC - Now the configuration of the  Netgear is making sense.
> So the task at hand is to figure out how to set up "something" that will allow me to create 10 Port-Forwarding enteries and still be able to use the 3389/RDP feature.

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I hope you don't mind getting hacked. exposing rdp ports (even changed ports) is a security risk and very unwise. you have an rds server, setup RD Gateway. then you just forward port 443 which is/should be properly encrypted with an SSL certificate and your problem is solved and your security improved. if you don't want to learn to implement an RD Gateway then put in a VPN and then have users connect to that before connecting to the RDS server.

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RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comments and support...
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