Calendar issue - Meeting tracking - Some persons showend double

My user "Pia"  has made a meeting invitation

Some of the persons who are invited has responded to this invitation.

Now "Pia" goes to her calendar - > Meeting - > Tracking

Now please look at the attached picture.

We have seen this issue periodic for some months now.

My user "Pia" has  created a meeting to the persons showend on the picture.

If you look on the picture i have highligted with diffrent colors (Just to show that they are listed 2 times on her list)

Have any of you seen this problem ?

If you look on the 3 persons on the buttom they are listed with "Valgfri deltager" - This is = "Optionel attendee."

"Pia" has not marked anybody as "Optionel attendee"

Some thoughts :

The user who has been invited to this meeting could have been accepting the appointment from their phone - I have tested and can not verify this.

Thank you in advise
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timgreen7077Connect With a Mentor Exchange EngineerCommented:
It's possible that those 3 users selected the Tentative Option for the invite. Generally you receive 3 options for an invite, Accept, Decline, or Tentative. If they selected Tentative then they Accepted but not Officially because their schedule may change or not allow them to join. That may explain why it shows twice for those users.
HITCITAuthor Commented:
Hi timgreen7077,

Thank you for the answer.

I am not able to test this scenario. I can't get that result in my own outlook.

Can you make the same scenario at you, and confirm that this is the how it works ?
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
No need to test, just ask the users how did they accept the meeting. Whether they accepted the meeting or accepted tentatively. Also confirm if this is still happening because they may not remember how that accepted that particular meeting at the time.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
Provided satisfactory answer. issuing points.
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