RDS 2012 Disable Load balancing

RDS 2012 Load balancing

I have two RDS Hosts at two offices. They are used by staff to connect to a database in the other office. Unfortiunaly load balancing keeps sending users to their same office RDS Host how do I disable this from happeing?
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAsked:
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Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
So I got round this by creating another collection and moving the other RDS Host into that so they were not subject to load balancing.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Make sure Each sites Connection Broker DOES NOT have the Session Host in the 'other site' in its collection.
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Where might I do that?

One server is the Licence server and broker etc the other is just a host.
do both servers are session host role? & hosting databases?

if user connects to one server and disconnect session, next time broker connect him to last disconnected session, this is by design
And rds don,t have initial load balancing mechanism to connect server in same location as client if servers are in  seperate location
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Much playing with RDS I found my own solution.
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