Windows 2012 R2 -- change replication partner ?

I have a small AD with ONE forest and ONE domain

Are below "Part #3" the correct steps ?
Part #1, 20 hours ago
  1. setup new domain controller
  2. moved 5 FSMO roles to it
  3. made sure everything has replicated

Part #2, Now
  1. open Active Directory Sites and Services
  2. open existing SITE
  3. see NEW server
  4. click "NTDS Settings"
  5. shows PARTNER server is OLD server that is in the same SITE
  6. click on other SITES
  7. see that NEW server does NOT display
  8. make sure I can ping new server's IP and HOSTNAME from other SITES

Part #3, Adding NEW server to above #7 ?
  1. rightClick on "NTDS Settings"
  2. leftClick "New", then "Connection"
  3. doubleClick the NEW server from the list
  4. demote and remove OLD server
  5. OLD server automatically removes itself
     from "NTDS Settings" on all locations
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Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Not the way I would have done it.  if you make a manual connection in Sites and services, then KCC does not work the same with it. I would make sure you have the correct Subnets setup in Sites and Services and have those subnets associated with the correct sites. Then, when you add a DC, the IP address will determine what site it goes in. AD will setup your replication connections. By default, AD will replicate between all sites using the default site link. You can create new site links and use them to control your replication.
Ad will automatically build connection objects pointing to new DC server as long your site links are correctly configured

It means your new server along with primary site must be part of all site links (considering hub and spoke) and then it would create those connection objects for new servers automatically

If this is not the case and primary site is not connected to other sites with physical network connectivity, then either automated / manual connection object won't help
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