how to check any restrictions are applied to a service account in AD

how many servers can I join with the service account
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In an account lockout situation any service using the service would fail because the account is locked or disabled.
In AD one can select which machines the account can logon to.
Depending on domain activity security logs can go for days or as little as 12 hours.
If the service account is a domain account, review the accounts group membership, then local server security controls can also be implement depending on what rights you want on the account at the server level.
example service account domain - regular user, at member server account is an admin.

You can use the account on as many boxes as you like, but if the is a password lockout or the domain account is disabled all servers using the account will fail.
pramod1Author Commented:
u mean if service account password is locked or account gets disabled by chance then all servers will fail?
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IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

yeah, that is what he said :)

pramod1Author Commented:
I wonder as they activated those AD security controls, they applied more restrictions to the xxx_na_svc ID, including
-      Reducing xxx_na_svc abilitiy to machine an existing machine object.
-      Restrictions on the number of simultaneous binds xxx_na_svc might be able to have against AD.

above is comment from customer, any ideas I can check in AD

 xxx_na_svc  is the service account in question
pramod1Author Commented:
how long the log files on domain controller can retain
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