Need to upgrade current wireless router...


We currently have a NetGear ProSafe FVS318N (Which are not made anymore) and we need to upgrade it to new/current product.
> One of the key issues is that we have field managers who use Windows RDP to remote into their office PCs, so having the ability to configure this (Something which I have recently discovered that not all routers can do... Asus RT-AS3200 is an example).
> I would like stay with NetGear, but would consider any manufacture so long as we can retain the RDP capabiilty.
> Also, must have wireless capability.

Any suggestions?

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You should be only allowing access to your office network by VPN . Direct access via the router is usually insecure. Get a good VPN Wireless router (Cisco RV series) to do this.
Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
This router will give you the rdp straight through the router but will also give you VPN ability which as stated by john is more secure then straight through RDP. Not too hard to set up.
As stated before you need a router that supports VPN.

I think D-Link DSR-150N or DSR-250N will fit your needs see detailed spec here
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RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your suggestions all of which I will look into, including the VPN part... Will need to do some research on this topic, as I don't have too much experience with VPN's.
> Any "how to do" documents are use small words would be greatly appreciated  

I will keep you all posted..

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
VPN should be IPsec and you need a VPN router for this and a client application. Once done, RDP into the office works great - I do this routinely.

You should engage a consultant to help you set up the VPN. It is not do-it-yourself the first time.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hey John,

Took your suggestion and I am looking at the :
> Cisco RV=340WAK9NA Wireless Ethernet Router

Looking at the Admin Guide to see how involved this is going to be.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Here is a bland VPN setup I can post here. It gives you the idea.

Basic Settings for NCP Secure Entry application client.
Profile Name
Check VPN Connection to IPSec Gateway
Connection Medium <- Automatic
Uncheck Default Profile after Reboot

Line Management:
Connection Mode <- Manual
Inactivity Timeout <- 6000
Voip <- uncheck
ISDN section <- N/A
Pre-Authentication <- both unchecked

IPSec General Settings:
Gateway (Tunnel Endpoint) <- Remote site External IP (
IKE Policy <- PSK-DES-SHA-DH2  (Phase 1 set in the Policy Editor and must match your Netscreen)
IPSec Policy <- ESP-DES-SHA (Phase 2 set in Policy Editor and must match your Netscreen)
Exch Mode <- Aggressive
PFS Group <- None

Advanced IPSec:
IPSec Compression <- unchecked
Disable Dead Peer Detection <- unchecked
Standard IPSec <- Checked
UDP Encapsulation <- unchecked
VPN Path Finder <- unchecked

Type <- Fully Qualified Username (what I use)
ID <- (I use email address for FQ username; it does not have to be real)
Pre-Shared Key <- Fill in twice (as demanded by Phase 1 setting)
Certificate <- None (I do not use these)
XAUTH <- Unchecked (my setup)

IPSec Address Assignment:
Assign Private IP Address <- Local IP Address (
DNS / WINS Server <- Uncheck (in my setup)

Split Tunneling:
Remote Network IP ( Remote Network Mask ( <- This is the remote end addressing

Certificate Check:
Not used

Link Firewall:
Not Used

You then need to make a Tunnel in the Cisco RV device to match these settings.

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RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hey John,

Thank you for the information.  Doing some pricing and availability hunting, I will keep you all posted - This is very good info.

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Hey John,

We are looking into the Cisco products... thank you for your input and support.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are very welcome and I was happy to help you.
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