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Fred Marshall
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My small business insurance is very oddly worded.  The front page of the policy says:
Business Description: "Computer Consultants and Trainers"
Then, in the Exclusions, under Professional Liablity: Applicable to Business Liability Coverage-Liability it says:
"Services provided as a practitioner in the fields of: ........., Computer Consultants, ......
It sounds like I'm being issued a policy for exactly what's been excluded.

The agent has not helped me to understand that this is somehow OK - and I rather doubt that it would be possible but then there often are clear explanations for things like this.
They basically said that it was good that the insurance company was willing to issue the policy and take my money.

In searching for a new policy, a new agent tells me that the standard  policies say the same thing.

Other than NOT having any insurance, what do you recommend?  Surely there are plenty of Experts here who have the same kind of issue.
Well, that is, I'm asking:
If you carry liability insurance, is there a company or policy you can recommend that avoids this language?
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Russ SuterSenior Software Developer

This is really a legal matter. The laws may be different in your location and the experts here generally aren't experts in law. You really need to consult with an attorney who specializes in this sort of thing. It shouldn't cost more than a couple hundred dollars to have an attorney review a document like this and make sure you're properly indemnified.


I modified the question trying to clarify what the question is.
This isn't intended to be a legal question.  It just has some simple legal implications is all.
It's a question about what's available in the marketplace.
Top Expert 2016
What there is available depends upon your area. I normally deal with an insurance broker rather than a specific companies agent.

You haven't specified what you want to protect yourself from? One way of protecting yourself is in your contracts for employment.

training will be given using a best effort consisting of 5 7.5 hour sessions and will cover the following subjects. Class size is limited to xx students. (remember you can't teach a rock anything and there are a lot of rocks out there disguised as fully functional humans)

When selling, installing, servicing computers I carried liability insurance.. Say if a replaced power supply was faulty and caused a fire. Or while replacing the power supply it caught fire and caused some smoke damage.

It also depends upon your skills as a negotiator and how litigious your area is.   I use 60/40 lead solder so I'd have to provide a disclaimer advising the use of lead in California. But not here in Canada.
I do have terms in most service contracts that limit liability - so I've been looking for more general liability insurance coverage.  

Eventually, I found a company that would write a liability policy through USAA that doesn't have the strange exclusion that I encountered recently.


David Johnson's suggestions are all good ones!
I found what I was looking for separately so this answer gives the "solution" and David Johnson gets the points!  That seems a balanced approach.

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