Resetting Cisco 3850 switch

Need assistance into getting into this switch that someone before me attempted to configure
Captain CreeSystems AdministratorAsked:
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1. Console into the switch
 2. Power cycle the switch
 3. Press and hold the Mode button until it glows amber
 4. When in the boot loader mode ("Switch:" prompt):

 Switch: flash_init
 Switch: load_helper
 Switch: dir flash:

 view the file system.

 Directory of flash:
    13  drwx         292   May 01 1999 2:34:43 switch_image
    11  -rwx        5425   May 01 1999 2:35:54  config.text

 5. Create a new boot variable to bypass current STARTUP-CONFIG:

 6.Verify/Make sure the disable password recovery variable is not set to 1:

 7. Boot the switch using the image you want (e.g. flash: packages.conf  or flash: switch_image)
      Switch: boot flash:packages.conf      
 Switch:  boot flash:switch_image    <---- image you want to use

 8. When in IOS XE EXEC mode, update and save the updated startup config
 Switch> enable
 Switch# copy startup-config to running config or
 Switch# config terminal
 Switch(config-if)# enable secret password
 Switch(config-if)# end
 Switch# copy running-config startup-config

 9. Reload the switch
 Switch# reload

 10. Break into boot loader one more time (step 3: Press and hold the Mode button until it glows amber)
 11.  When back in boot loader mode ("Switch:" prompt), remove the bypass startup config entry and reboot
 12.Unset the variable:


 13. Boot the switch image as done before
 Switch: boot flash:packages.conf      
 Switch:  boot flash:switch_image  <--- image you want to use.
Jeff LeggIT ManagerCommented:
Hardware reset procedure for 3850 switch.
Resetting the Switch

Caution Resetting the switch reboots the switch.

To reset the switch to the factory defaults:

Step 1 If you are using Cisco IOS XE Release 3.6.0E or later releases, enter the erase startup-config privileged EXEC command to clear the contents of your startup configuration.If you are using an earlier release, you can skip this step.

Step 2 Press and hold the Mode button. The switch LEDs begin blinking after about 3 seconds.

Step 3 Continue holding down the Mode button. The LEDs stop blinking after 7 more seconds, and then the switch restarts.

Step 4 The switch now operates like an unconfigured switch. You can enter the switch IP information by using Express Setup as described in the “Running Express Setup” section.
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Captain CreeSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, after I press the mode button for longer than 7 seconds.. nothing seems to happen.  Will I need to obtain a console cable to perform step 1 first?
In that case, most likely, you will need console cable.
Thanks for the grade. Good luck!
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