Problem with MS Publisher content library being moved from one PC to another

Hi - having an issue with going from Publisher 2007 to Publisher 2016. PC was old and we replaced it, and the user was used to the 2007 version. We needed to copy the "content library" for Publisher from the old computer to the new, and it looks completely different, there are no categories anymore, just the content. So, I decided to install Publisher 2007 onto the new computer just to make him happy, it installed just fine, but after copying the content library to the new location, he opens an existing publisher file, attempts to import a file from the content library, and it gives a message saying its corrupted, and asks if I want to delete them. I then copied them again from the old computer again and placed them into the appdata/roaming/microsoft/publisher building blocks folder, and I still get the same message, that they're corrupted. Has anyone ever seen this type of issue?
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Andrew LeniartFreelance Journalist & IT ConsultantCommented:
How many files are we talking about here?

I've come across import issues like this with Publisher before, but it was a long time ago so I'm answering from vague memory only. Do you still get the same error if you just try to open a saved ".pub" file from a temporary location? If it opens that way, you could add them back to the library once they're opened.
hodgemAuthor Commented:
A lot. How do I go about adding them back to the library?
Andrew LeniartFreelance Journalist & IT ConsultantCommented:
How do I go about adding them back to the library?
Doing a "File > Save as" should achieve that, but it won't be much use to you if you have a lot them which is why I asked.

Rather than copy the contents manually, did you try exporting them from the other computer first?

In Publisher 2016 - File > Export > Save for another computer  (see below)

Save for Another Computer
Still a tedious page by page process though.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew

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hodgemAuthor Commented:
Is it the same export process in 2007? The content library was originally in Pub 2007. Originally I just copied the content library in 2007, and moved the contents of that folder into building blocks in 2016.
Andrew LeniartFreelance Journalist & IT ConsultantCommented:
Is it the same export process in 2007?
Sorry, but I don't have a copy of 2007 to be able to confirm that. I imagine there would have to be a similar function in 2007 somewhere though.

Just a thought, rather than trying to import from the building blocks folder in 2016, did you try importing from a temporary folder? All the content is .pub format yes? Perhaps 2016 needs to import into that folder so you need to do the import from another folder. That's just an idea to try - I can't confirm if it will work.
hodgemAuthor Commented:
In Publisher 2007 it was called the content library, in 2016 its now called building blocks. On the old computer running 2007 I'm taking the content library from the appdata\local\microsoft\publisher folder and copying the contents of that folder (not the content library folder itself) to the new machine into the appdata\roaming\microsoft\Publisher Building Blocks folder.

I've even installed Publisher 2007 onto the new Windows 10 computer, trying to recreate how it was on the old computer, and I'm still getting error messages.

I also noticed that Pub 2016 doesnt categorize the content. This is a restaurant, and in the 2007 version we used to be able to categorize the content library by soup, entree, etc. Either it doesnt exist in 2016, or I just cant find the way to do it because its so different than the older version.
Andrew LeniartFreelance Journalist & IT ConsultantCommented:
Hodgem, any update on this situation? I'd appreciate if you could close your question if a solution was found too. Sometimes, it can't be done is the only answer there is :)

Many thanks...

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