Exchange 2007 - old meetings reminders being re-sent

Two users experienced this issue over the weekend.
One was a meeting from a few months ago.
The other from several years ago.

In both cases, the users were not in the office and were
accessing their emails from their iOS devices.

I found some info online showing this may be the issue.

In fact, this fits their issue - they are either
a) attendees to their own meeting
b) delegate to an attendee in the meeting

I brought this up to both of them and they deny taking any action on their iOS device.

Is there any logs I can review which will show if this is true?
Logs that will show:
a) device accessing email
b) action taken on specific emails
c) Other useful information?

I can see the timestamps of the sent meeting reminders in the Exchange message tracker but that's not much use becuase it doesn't show what sent the email or what triggered it.
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timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
I will be honest with you, I wouldn't waste too much time looking at this, because you will be chasing this forever and you will never convince those users that they did anything wrong. You can look at the IIS logs on your exchange servers but it will not show anything about the calendar specifically. If this doesn't happen often or was a 1 off, I wouldn't spend too much time. Maybe another expert has different advice.
SeeDkAuthor Commented:
Yeah it hasn't happened hopefully a one-off thought the timing of two users over the same weekend will make them think it was a server side issue. Unless anyone can suggest anything else to check I'll close this question.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
Yeah i would not worry about it unless it continued to happen. I would close the ticket. Please award points if i was helpful and thanks.
Scott TownsendIT DirectorCommented:
You also want to be sure that the users are running iOS 11

Apple fixed a long standing bug in iOS that sent out multiple Calendar invites from the iOS devices. We could never reproduce the issue on-demand, though it affected several users. After upgrading them all to the latest iOS the issue went away.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
Author accepted suggestion so assigning points to close ticket.
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