Copied Files Disappeared

Copied folders with .mp4 files to thumb drive and they disappeared (twice). Checked the amount of disk space on the thumb drive it should have taken up and it is used. Where are the files? I am using windows 7.
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CompProbSolvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"did not do an eject": that may be the problem.

When you write to the USB stick, Windows will make it appear that they've been written, but they may still be in a cache waiting for a good time to write them out.  This improves overall performance.  If you remove the stick without doing the "eject", you may be removing before the files have been completely written.  The "eject" process ensures that files are written and closed.  Shutting down the computer will have the same effect.
Did you do a successful eject before removing the thumb drive?
Along the question path, CompProbSolv, upon inserting the thumb drive in the new system were you prompted with non-a warning?

Ntfs system, user copying the drive ...

Change view topic playhouses files.
Potentially ..
Usin an undelete or similar to SCSI the thumb drive .....
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How is your USB Flash Drive formatted? - FAT32 or NTFS?

How did you copy the folders from the PC to the Flash Drive?
In Windows Explorer Right-Click on the folders > Copy on the PC, then Right-Click > Paste on the Flash Drive?
In Windows Explorer Right-Click on the folders > Send To > Removeable drive?
Drag and Drop copy?  With Right mouse button or with Left one held in to do the dragging?
I recommend dragging with the RIGHT mouse button because it will show a Copy Here, Move Here, Create Shortcut Here, and Cancel option.  Dragging with the Left mouse button does different things depending on where you are dragging files/folders to.

You did refresh the Windows Explorer view after copying?  F5 or Right-Click > Refresh or View menu > Refresh.

If you take the Flash Drive to another PC do any of the copied folders show on it?

Try copying some loose files to the Flash drive.  Does that work?
Try copying some OTHER test folders to it.  Does that work?
pcwizz1Author Commented:
Thank you all for your assistance…

To: CompProbSolv and Arnold…

Unfortunately, I did not do an “eject”. And I was not prompted with a “non-a warning” or any other notification.

To: BillDL

I am not sure what format the drive has.
I did a drag and drop method (in fact I did it twice.)

The root folder could be seen on the thumb drive (the target).
The files appeared to be being copied to the thumb drive, i.e. the animation of files being copied.
The percentage of files copied progressed as normal.
When the copy process completed I clicked on the target folder and found it empty.
I the did a right mouse click on the thumb drive letter and selected properties.
Properties showed that the size of the files that were supposed to be copied took up that much space on the drive.
some ideas :   I did not do an “eject”  - then it could be copying when removed
>>  I did a drag and drop method (in fact I did it twice.)  <<   this tells me it did not do the drag and drop (the Original files should have been moved if it was ok)

**did you try the solution i mentioned?
It seems clear that not properly ejecting the device was the culprit.
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