Remote Desktop Servers randomly loose network connectivity

Hello to all,

I have a very strange issue with m Remote Desktop Servers,

I have 4 Remote Desktop Servers and last month randomly and with frequency 2 times a week the Remote Desktop server loose network connectivity.

The strange is that users are conencted but can't open any application that are in network.

This is the first problem.

Because we use roaming profiles/folder redirection after 1,2 minutes users hang.

To resolve the problem from the HYPER-V IN Virtual Machine settings disconect the Virtual Switch and after 1 minutes add back the Virtual Switch in Network Adapter.

I have an application which use Visual Fox Pro and i suspect that this cause the problem.

But how can track down this behavior to find the cause of the error

Kostas KostasIT AdministratorAsked:
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RobertSystem AdminCommented:
The following are just some general troubleshooting steps you can try if you haven't already.  
Start with the server event log see if there are indications of network going down.
Check logs on physical switch the host is connected to.
Check if there are any updated NIC drivers available.

Aside from that you could use something like wireshark to try to monitor / capture the disconnect and review that log (can be really big if you cant predict when it will occur).
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