Automatically log in to remote desktop server


is there way to automatically login to a remote desktop server (gateway) when I am inside of the office (so a certain public ip).
If I am outside of the office the laptop should not automatically log me on to a remote desktop server.

the laptops are Windows 7 and Windows 8 and MAC OS
Nick LoendersAsked:
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Jonny BTech (CEO)Commented:
Remote Desktop Security has really all be figured out.  No one should be port forwarding the RDP protocol to different ports etc. Has been known how to get around these changes for many years now.  Sadly hackers exploit this all the the time. :-(  If you want to use Remote Desktop out of the office via the internet, It would be best to run it through a VPN connection tunnel first then use your Remote Desktop connection to encrypt the data going through the tunnel.  This will increase the security significantly and accomplish what you are trying to do. :-)
Nick LoendersAuthor Commented:
Hi, but if you use the RDP gateway  solution this is as good as VPN without an extra use of VPN.
Anyway it does not solve the question :)
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