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Could you point what must be configured on a DBF file to correctly save an encripted string?

Hi Experts

I'm using  vfpencryption71.fll that perfectly runs and correctly saves on a not indexed  DBF file.

But if I use an indexed DBF file (I don't know if it's really the cause, this occurs:

*-- The string that must be saved
OµÆp%D½×°W“˜Âá?ËR•(óÏSqϧux¹

*-- The string saved
Oü-+p%D+×°W"˜Âá?ËR•(óISqI§ux1  

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The DBF index configuration Collate is Machine.
The codepage of the not indexed table and the indexed table is the same 1252.

The problem arises on CDX not in IDX.

Thanks in advance.

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