Changing the Database Collation

We are using a SQL Server 2005 database for our product, one of our client's database some how managed to change its collation. We have a tool that creates the database with its tables and some data with a set collation, but somehow our one client's collation is different. These changes appeared recently, is there a way I can change the collation back? Because at the moment if I try to change it I get dependency errors that stop me from changing it.

Also any idea as to what might have been the cause to these changes?

Thanks in advance
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
I think LIBRALEX wants really to change the collation at the database level and not at the SQL Server instance level. For that the simple command may work:
ALTER DATABASE databaseName COLLATE NewCollationName  

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Mind that this will only change the collation for the new objects that will be created after the above command being executed, meaning that existing objects will still keep their old collations. For that you'll need to go through all objects and change their columns where it has old collation. Something like:
 ALTER COLUMN ColumnName COLLATE NewCollationName

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Luckily somebody already had the issue and worked on a script to save you time. Check here the solution.
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