Domain computers missing from Network Tab in File Explorer

We have one machine which cannot see the rest on the domain under the network tab in File Explorer.

We have checked Network Sharing is enabled, it can ping/browse the machines which are not showing up, it is on the correct range and is using the correct DNS, DHCP, and Gateway. I have tried setting these details to static and it is the same.  

It is running Windows 10 (as are all the client PCs) so we have tried the network reset option. And finally a system restore.

I still cannot see the other machines in this tab. We have recently started looking after this client and one of the things I have looked at is that they use a proxy server. This is configured and sent out to the machine under group policy. The policy has applied when I run a gpresult /r and the internet connects fine. I did notice when I dialled in and looked under Ethernet on the W10 network settings that it said action needed under the adapter. It needed the user credentials for the proxy. I entered these and it returned to say connected. I have not had this since after several reboots and the above troubleshooting steps.

Any help would be appreciated.
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footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the computer browser service.

Side note - I pretty much consider this browseable list to be worthless (particularly for domains).  It's an artifact from the days of Network Neighborhood and NetBIOS.  For shares, I would just recommend typing in the UNC path, and then saving it to the Quick Access/Pinned Favorites in Explorer.
ryank85Author Commented:

Thanks for your suggestion, this was the issue although the Browser Service was not present.

Checked under Windows Features and then SMB1.0/CIFS feature was disabled. Enabled this and rebooted and the Computer Browser Service was there to run. All OK now.

We usually encourage clients not to use this method of accessing other machines, but they use it for mapping several companies in some software they use. I think they were all taught that way from day one and now the whole company uses that method.

Thanks again.
ryank85Author Commented:
Computer browser service missing, managed to get this back on after Footech pointing out this is what was needed to display the domain computers correctly.
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