How do I unstall "ordinary" Skype and only use Skype for Business

How do I uninstall "ordinary" Skype? I just want to use Skype for Business and they don't seem to be able to live together... :-)
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IvanConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:

ordinary Skype and SfB can work together. I have them on my computer for years, as well as many people in company.

If you want to uninstall ordinary Skype, just go to Control Panel --> Program and Features --> and uninstall it.

What seams to be a problem with your Skype?

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Here is Skype for Business.  Uninstall regular Skype (Programs and Features) and install Skype for Business
agwalshAuthor Commented:
OK, this is going to sound like a rookie question but hey, that's why I am asking. I have SFB with one email address (using my Office 365 settings) and then another Skype account with another email address. Ideas on how to move across to using SFB  i.e. Contacts, etc Thanks
agwalshAuthor Commented:
Ended up just sticking with what I had :-)
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