How Can I Globally Preserve Image Sizes in Open Office Powerpoint Presentation Before Changing Slide Ratio to 16:9

I have a PowerPoint presentation (created in Open Office) that has a 4:3 ratio. I'd like to make the slide size itself 16:9, but preserve the image sizes (e.g. avoid stretching).

In Open Office "Format" -> "Page Setup" -> "Page" allows me to globally change the slide size.

Is there a way to globally preserve the image sizes before resizing the slides themselves?

Thanks for your help.
TessandoIT AdministratorAsked:
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Jamie GarrochConnect With a Mentor PowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
Firstly, which version of PowerPoint are you using?

Secondly, when moving from 4:3 to 16:9 make sure you choose Widescreen and not On-screen Show 16:9 as illustrated here:

Widescreeen versus On-screen Show 16:9
This excellent article explains why.

Since you're moving from a slide size that fits within the new size, images should not be stretched. The exception could be background images. What are you seeing exactly?
To my knowledge, Open Office doesn't have that option. So, just resize everything, then on EVERY picture, chose the "Original size" right mouse click function.
TessandoIT AdministratorAuthor Commented:
@Jamie Garroch - I'm using OpenOffice, which doesn't have the "widescreen" option in your Screenshot (great response, btw). What I'm seeing is that images are stretching (looking fatter and wider) when I globally change the aspect ratio.

@Kimputer When I choose "Original size" the image blows up on the entire page. What I'm finding out right now is that the person who put this together used pretty inconsistent images. Thanks for confirm that this isn't an option in OpenOffice.

I appreciate everyone's solution. I'm going to try manually resizing and see how it goes.
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Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
Oops. I misread the question - sorry about that!
TessandoIT AdministratorAuthor Commented:
@Jamie Garroch - I acquired a copy of Office Standard 2016 and your instructions worked. Thanks for contributing! :)
TessandoIT AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Quick and easy solution. Jamie's clear instructions and screenshots made this fix quick and a breeze. Thanks!
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