Bypassing ban on my machine

I am playing a game and they banned my machine, not IP but machine, i  have a conclusion that they banned my Motheboard ID.. serial number. So, can you think about any solution except buying a new one?
Solar EquipmentAsked:
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
I assume this is Blizzard, right? They do hardware bans on cheaters, hackers, etc.

Unless you can appeal the ban to the vendor, then yes you will need a whole other PC.

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Solar EquipmentAuthor Commented:
Thank you for help, but nope. Its fortnite. No, there must to be some other way
Robert OrnelasVP Operations at Cook's ComputerCommented:
I would think it is a MAC address ban if so you could try another network card. But if you were banned for no good reason then appeal the ban. Here is what Epic says about the ban.

details on our cheat detectionEPIC (self.FortNiteBR)

submitted 1 month ago * by DanDaDaDanDan

There have been a few posts about false positives with cheat detection. We are not aware of any false positives (only two historical exceptions were the swingset bans on 10/8 and the SMG bans on 11/20), but there is potential for confusion so here is some detail on how the system works:


We kick and/or ban players and machines based on the game being modified / tampered with, cheat software found running while playing Fortnite, and other ways of cheating.  


We then kick users that play on machines associated with previously banned accounts to prevent cheaters from returning to Fortnite.  


This means if you share a machine with a roommate or sibling and he/she cheats, your account won’t be able to play on that machine either. You can play on a different machine though.  


While we won't comment publicly, we have a team that investigates reports of false-positives (both ban and kick) found in our support and social channels (ie. our forums, reddit, etc.) to confirm our systems work as we expect.  


We know we need to improve how we message kicks and bans as the presentation can be confusing to players. Especially in light of temporary bans for code of conduct reasons or IP / VPN used.  


We also kick players from matches if they experience network conditions that are detrimental to other players. This is using the same mechanism as our general kick system and uses the same message. This needs adjusting.
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Like I said, appeal the ban if you're machine got a false positive. If you were running a cheat/hack of some kind, good luck.
Solar EquipmentAuthor Commented:
I emailed them alredy thay said that there is no unban.. So.. Dont know what to do.
Thanks for time
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Were you actually running any cheats or hacks?
Solar EquipmentAuthor Commented:
If i were, i would not complain at allm i did not, i dont find cheating funny
Craig KehlerDirector of Customer RelationsCommented:

Unfortunately your only legitimate option is to continue to contend the ban with Epic. If as you say, you hadn't cheated and were falsely identified, bypassing their ban system (justified or not) is still cheating. You may even try asking them that, what are my options now? I don't want to try and cheat your system even though I feel I was unfairly treated.

I'm sorry but we have to draw the line on where we can help. While we are happy to encourage white hat testing to help build up more secure systems we can't help you subvert their security measures. Just wanted to let you know why the responses you are getting won't detail how to subvert their ban.


Craig Kehler
Director of Customer Service & Community Relations
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
It appears from this video that it is the MAC address that they check.
Solar EquipmentAuthor Commented:
I want to bypass their system. They will not unban me, no chance, btw I have no proof that I did not cheat. Thank you Handy and Craig for your time
Sharon NowligeKeyboard NinjaCommented:
You could consult with someone like Joshua Moses (just an example.. don't know him personally), that removes obstacles for people.  Doubt he'd do it for free though.   You gotta be careful approaching someone like that though.  Best of luck
ye i just got machine banned by epic games a few days ago in the middle of a game with my friend! i have never even considered cheating in fortnite because... 1) cheating in a game like fortnite just makes the game 10 times more boring and 2) i've spent money on in-game purchases so why would i want to risk that? i have no idea on why they banned me and i am not getting any response from the support either!
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Try following the youtube video.
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