Chrome v65 XSTProcessor bug

We have a site which utilizes client side XSLT transformation. As Chrome browser has updated to the version 65 the transformation stopped working. The transformToDocument() method outputs error messages to the Chrome development console like "Premature end of data in tag element line ...", referring to the xsl file loaded into the XSLTProcessor object. I don't see anything wrong in the XSLT file (and the line number mentioned just does not exist).
Is it possible to get more detailed information what happens inside the XSLTProcessor object?
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zc2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is definitely a bug in Chrome browser, a memory corruption or something. I found a workaround:
                      try {
                            var ver = parseInt(navigator.appVersion.match( /Chrome\/(\d{2,3})/ )[1]);
                            if( ver >= 65 ) {   // chrome bug workaround
                                var parser = new DOMParser();
                                xsl = parser.parseFromString( xsl.documentElement.outerHTML, "application/xml" );
                        } catch( e ) {
                        var xsl_processor = new XSLTProcessor();
            	        xsl_processor.importStylesheet( xsl );

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