Outlook 2016 not receiving new emails unless restarted

Hi there fellow Tech Community,

We are having a few issues in our organization whereby some users are not receiving new emails unless Outlook is restarted, when you restart Outlook, it delivers new messages and does so for say under a minute, then stops delivering new messages.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps we have carried-out, we are finding that the only way to overcome this, is to rebuild the customers PC, which as you all know is a cumbersome task and shouldn't be necessary to resolve an Outlook issue;

-Office 2016, 32 and 64-Bit
-Windows 10, build version 1607, 1703 and 1709
-All laptop users (HP EliteBook 840 G3 and Lenovo T440p)
-Windows Updates pushed out via WSUS

Troubleshooting done;
-Ran repair of office
-Recreated local OST Files
-Recreated Outlook Profile
-Recreated local Windows Profile
-Checked Outlook connection status, all showing as connected
-Checked A/D Account, not locked or anything along those lines
-Ran scan pst tool, that not really applicable anymore with Office 2016

Some more background;
-Users have additional mailboxes in their Outlook, some are manually mapped in Account Settings, some are delegation mapped via Exchange Admin Console
-We have a mixture of users on Android and iOS devices synching their Exchange Account, does not appear to be a trend with mobile devices

If I have missed any further details, I'll add them, other than that, any suggestions and what people have done to overcome this would be greatly appreciated, as we have searched other Tech Forums and nothing seems to be applicable.

Thanks in advanced.
Chris NixonIT Support Analyst Asked:
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Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
HI Chris,

The mailbox connected in Outlook. Do you have Office 365, Exchange on-premise,..?

When Outlook stop to receive emails...do you have any prompt?

timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
When you rebuild the PC does this completely resolve the issue or does the issue return again?

Also does the user have issues with this via OWA?

Is outlook connecting to Exchange or O365?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Troubleshooting done  ....   Ran repair of office

Try a Full Repair (not Quick) of Office and see it that helps. Sometimes a full repair is needed
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Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
Hi Chris,

Please bear with me, but I'd like to get the basics out of the way first. They can often be overlooked.

Can you please confirm the following is set on the troublesome Outlook Clients and not being inadvertently changed by Group Policy or similar:

File > Options > Advanced > Send and receive

Outlook Settings Snap 1
File > Options > Advanced > Send and receive > Send/Receive...

Outlook Settings Snap 2
The "Minutes" in the above can obviously be set to whatever is desired.


Chris NixonIT Support Analyst Author Commented:
@Valentina Perez - we have on premise Exchange, 2013.

@timgreen7077 - Users who have had their PC's reimaged have not come back with this issue, when I logged into OWA, the new emails where there, but not in their Outlook Client, and we are Exchange on-prem 2013

@John Hurst - Not sure what you mean by full repair of Office, I went into control panel > programs and features > Office 2016 > Repair, is there another method??

@Andrew Leniart - I have tried configuring Outlook send/receive as per your screen shot though that did not resolve the issue

Thanks all,
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
If the issue no longer returns after rebuilding the PC, then it seems that their may be an issue with the initial image on the computer. It seems like you tried all the troubleshooting attempts, I agree with @John Hurst, try and completely new install of office. Uninstall office completely and reinstall it instead of just doing a repair, perform a complete uninstall and reinstall. Their may be something with the initial image so I would also look at that.
Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:

I suspect this will have something to do with Exchange Server, but I'll leave Tim and Valentia to expand on their comments as it's not really my area of expertise.  The following, however;

Not sure what you mean by full repair of Office

I suspect what John is referring to there is the Quick Repair vs Online Repair option, which can do a more thorough job. This option will probably only be available if using Office 365

Online Repair Option
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@John Hurst - Not sure what you mean by full repair of Office,

If there is no Full Repair (or Online) Option (same thing), then uninstall Office completely, restart and then install Office and patch fully (lots of patches).

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Andrew LeniartFreelance JournalistCommented:
Just further on the Outlook troubleshooting side, have you checked what Addins are enabled in Outlook? An add-in gone rouge could be a cause of this problem.

File > Options > Add-ins

Outlook Add ins
I'd suggest disabling everything in there and then seeing if that resolves the problem. If it does, re-enable one at a time and keep testing to identify the one that's misbehaving.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
Chris NixonIT Support Analyst Author Commented:
Thank you all very much for your input, we will try the full uninstall/reinstall route when this next occurs and will get back to you, thanks, Chris.
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
Thank you very much Chris,

Normally when only some users are affected..i will suspect that the issue is locally...normally outlook client...

Perfect..tell us after you have unistall and install again.

Habeeb ThayyilCommented:
Iam having the same issue with Office 2016 but iam using Office 365 account.
Chris WestCommented:
This is the solution to an ongoing issue affecting many users/companies. We had this problem for 6 month until we found a fix! I hope this helps.

The issue is a problem with the Chrome component updater causing the BITS service to go into an unresponsive state. The job created by the chrome component updater doesn’t get deleted even after Chrome has been uninstalled. This causes the offline address book to fail its download, causing outlook to fail syncing emails. When you close and reopen outlook, this resets the BITS cycle, allowing the emails to come through. But as the BITS cycle resets, the chrome component updater begins attempting to run a download, causing the problem to re-occur almost instantly.

Steps on resolving this problem:

1.      Uninstall Google chrome. It is critical that Google chrome is not a part of your Group Policy, as this won’t work otherwise, as chrome will automatically reinstall

2.      Restart machine

3.      Open windows PowerShell as an admin, and use the following commands:
get-bitstransfer -allusers
get-bitstransfer -allusers | remove-bitstransfer

*note* if these commands don’t work, for example it just hangs, follow the below steps:
3.1. Open services

3.2. locate background intelligent transfer service > properties > change startup type to manual.
3.3.      restart machine
3.4.      Open windows PowerShell as an admin and use the following command:
                get-bitstransfer -allusers | remove-bitstransfer

4.      Restart machine

5.      Open windows PowerShell and run the command:
get-bitstransfer -allusers
          You should now see the chrome component updater is no longer there

6.      Open outlook, and manually download the offline address book. Send/receive > send/receive groups > download offline address book > ok

It’s worth noting that re-installing Google Chrome will cause this problem to re-occur
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
The issue seems to be fix with the reinstall as John advise
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