Brocade SAN Switch zoning question

Feel stupid for asking as I have done a lot of SAN fabric design and implementation for smbs

Typically, I use the gui and connect devices and create the aliases as they are connected in. I then create zones etc. Brocade gui is so slow it can take some time.

I have therefore created the aliases in advance by checking the impending hardware for its wwpn, creating the aliases and then zoning together, i.e. I used the alicreate command

When I actually connect the live kit that marries up with my pre-created aliases, will they light up and start working or not? (Assume I have applied the zone config etc)

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you haven't made any typos it should work straight away.
You have created aliases with alicreate and presumably put them in zones with zonecreate but you also have to do
cfgcreate “Configname”, “Zone1; Zone2; ZoneN″ , cfgsave and then cfgenable Configname before it will work.

Easiest way to check is to compare configupload on a previously configured switch with this one to see if they look similar.
DLeaverAuthor Commented:
Correct, all zoned, zone config'd, saved and enabled.

I am assuming that when I plug in the hardware they bind to the alias details I have already entered and the zone config will apply to them?

Just never set them up in advance of connecting the hardware before...
DLeaverAuthor Commented:
That's all I wanted to check - thanks!
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