How to replace failed disk or re- build the RAID1 On Dell PowerEdge with PERC S100

Task availableI have found that this Dell PowerEdge T110 II that has two disks with Raid 1 configuration seems that one of the disk has failed. I have screen shots that I took from OpenManage Server Configuration for you to review. I believe that Disk 0:1 is the one has failed and I must first assigned it to be Global Hot spare and then re create the Raid1. Please review the attached file and advise if this is how I have to do it either from here or from Raid Bios.

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PowerEdgeTechConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
READY means it is ready to be assigned to an array, either as an active member of a new/existing array or as a hot-spare. ONLINE means it is already an active member of an array. You can't assign an ONLINE disk as a hot-spare. If you want to attempt to rebuild the old drive, then assign it as a hot-spare, but there is a good chance it will fail again, either during the rebuild or down the road. Failures don't always happen because the drive is bad, it is sometimes related to firmware, conditions, etc., so if you rebuild the existing disk, I'd recommend diagnostics and/or firmware/driver updates on the system. If it fails diags, replace it.
PowerEdgeTechConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Yes, whatever disk you want to rebuild into the array, whether the same one or a new replacement (although a "new" replacement will often start rebuilding automatically), needs to be assigned as a hot-spare to start the rebuild. Whether from OMSA or CTRL-C/CTRL-R, it is the same.
Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you for a quick response. please verify  from the pictures that I attached the disk 0:1 that is available to be a Hot spare is the failed one.
nociConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Never assign one of the existing disks to be host spare!!!!!, it will replace the missing one.... ie back where you came from.
First remove the failed drive and then replace it with a new one...
Then if it didn't auto assign it to be hot spare then do so manual, and then it should start repairing the raid1.
Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you both for assisting me.
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