Dell Support Assist Hard Drive Error: 2000-0723 on boot

Hi all,

I have an Inspiron All-In-One 7459. Every time I boot up, I receive Error: 2000-0723 Hard Drive Alert, visit I can boot into windows and everything seems to be OK but have also noticed issues with the 30Gb Partition SSD drive which (cache drive) that there are issues with this when I boot into windows.

After reading forums and other posts on this issue and even speaking with Dell support chat, I am getting no where quickly in resolving this issue. Dell support suggested downloading the OEM operating system and reinstalling, which I did but this doesn't seem to clear the error on startup. I even did a full recovery on a brand  new hard drive, which still had the same errors.

Thinking that all the forums suggested that it could be the partition, I thought I would install my other laptop Hard drive into the Inspiron. After installing my (working & close to brand new) Hard Drive, I still receive the error: 2000-0723 Hard Drive Alert, every time I boot which tells me that it couldn't be the hard drive and has something to do with either BIOS, Dell Support Assist or the RAID function that is built in for the cache drive?

I have updated BIOS to version 1.7.1, reset the BIOS back to factory default. Disabled Support Assist in Bios. disabled Fast Boot within Windows 10.

There is no issue with the physical hard drive as I have tried 3 HDD's now (1 being brand new) so I would like to just clear this alert when I boot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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i think the error can come from this "but have also noticed issues with the 30Gb Partition SSD drive"
here the dell page for it, see the section on troubleshooting :
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Browse to the Dell Support Site.

Enter your Service Tag or Express Service Code Number. For help locating your Service Tag or Express Service Code, browse to the Where is the Service Tag located? page.
Touch or click the Diagnostics tab.
There are several diagnostic options:

Quick test. This may take 10-15 minutes depending on the hardware in your system.
Full Test. This may take 40 minutes or more depending on the hardware in your system.
Custom Component Test. Select the hardware test(s) you want to run and touch or click Run your test

Enter the codes here:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It could be a SMART failure of the drive or a motherboard issue
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Chopper2302Author Commented:
Thanks but I have tried all that. As you can see in my original post, I have spoken to Dell and no luck.
try booting from a live cd - does the error happen then ?
also - post a picture of the error screen - and when exactly it happens
Chopper2302Author Commented:
PART_1520293555549.jpgEvery time I boot the computer, it goes passed the Dell logo, then this error message pops up. I have spoken to Dell about it and they say it could be the motherboard and will be sending a tech out. I still get the same error when Booting into USB/CD/Different HDD.

Once Dell has been out, I will provide an update b/c the error message has been throwing me around in circles.
that points to a bios, or motherboard problem allright.
keep us posted on the outcome
Chopper2302Author Commented:
Dell came out and found that there is a small 30GB SSD drive on the Motherboard. I just removed this and it starts perfectly now. It would have been great to be able to see this in disk management so I could take offline.

Thanks all for your help.

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Chopper2302Author Commented:
This was the solution provided by Dell
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