unable to reach any vlan gateways from access switch, ip phones connected are working but.

Two cisco switches connected via trunk port. can ping all vlan gateways from the core switch which has got route defined.on the second switch cannot ping any of the vlan ip addresses.  happend after cable rearrangement. on the second switch have clients connnected via ip phones and they are working ok however.

any advice.

vlan 10 - 192.168.10.x
vlan 30 - 192.168.30.x
vlan 20 -192.168.20.x
vlan 80 -19.168.80.x

gateway of last resort setup on the mains witch to can see all VLAN allowed via trunk port. cant see any problem with cabling either.

both are cisco switches.
Rajkumar KamathIT ManagerAsked:
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Rajkumar KamathConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
switch turned out to be hanging and finally went dead. not sure what else could have been the cause. replacement switch with the same configuration and all is working. thanks for your help and much appreciated.
Rajkumar KamathIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
can ping all the vlan ip addresses and individual hosts from the core switch.
Rajkumar KamathIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
the access switch does not have a default ip route enabled. its connected to the main switch via trunk port.
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JustInCaseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For start:

Check are downstream switches connected to correct interfaces (if cdp is enabled):
sh cdp neigh

Check do trunk allow VLANs and are all VLANs present on all switches
sh int trunk
sh vlan brief

If everything looks OK, please sent topology drawing and configurations (remove sensitive parts).
Rajkumar KamathIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
It detects the core switch and vice versa for cdp.

Same with allowed vlans. It's set to all
Without more information it is just guessing game.
Please provide if possible:
- topology with marked interfaces
- output from all involved switches - commands (remove sensitive parts and replace ip addresses in output):
   show run
   show cdp
   show int status
   show vlan brief
Muhannad AbushammaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you don't have interface  vlan configured in the switch you will not be able to ping the gateway, also you need the default gateway to be configured in order to ping other vlans.
Rajkumar KamathIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
hardware turned out to be faulty and went dead. ended up being replaced
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