Using Powershell stop multi services.

Dear expert

I would like to know how I write this command in powershell.

I would stop all Services that have service name: Aptic ifront of servicename, for exemple: the name can be: ApticApp1, ApticApp2, all services that got Aptic stop it. if failed stop return a variable $failstop. Services is not on local computer so a network computername or IP is needed.

How do i do? Thanks.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of piping the results to Out-GridView, you can pipe them to Export-Csv, Format-Table, or you can remove the "| Out-GridView" at the end, end assign the results to a variable ($Aptic = Get-Service -name ...), and then analyze the variable.
Get-Service -Name Aptic* -ComputerName RemoteMachine | ForEach-Object {
	$result = $_ | Select Name, DisplayName, Status, Result, Error
	Try {
		Stop-Service -InputObject $_ -ErrorAction Stop
		$result.Result = 'STOPPED'
	} Catch {
		$result.Result = 'FAILED'
		$result.Error = $_.Exception.Message
	$result.Status = (Get-Service -InputObject $_).Status
} | Out-GridView

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WeTiAuthor Commented:
Hi oBdA

-ComputerName RemoteMachine here if computer in network called: weti, then its -ComputerName weti or -ComputerName \\weti? If i want to use IP instead how to do then?

Just the name, FQDN, or IP address, no backslashes.
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WeTiAuthor Commented:
Great as always, thnx.
WeTiAuthor Commented:
I tried not working tho... no error too
You need to be more precise than "not working".
WeTiAuthor Commented:
oh, I checked, well this PS check for service name, not display name, so display name is Aptic something but service name is something else, is there a way to make powershell check display name of services?
It wouldn't be PowerShell if there weren't.
Just replace -Name in the first line with -DisplayName
WeTiAuthor Commented:
works well, thanks again!
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