Compare two large Excel sheets for changes to data and highlight the differences

I need to track changes in two large Microsoft Excel sheets, and then highlight the differences in the second sheet. The two sheets may have different numbers of rows and may also be in different orders, but each row will have a unique identifier. As such, I chose to use vlookup, to compare rows with unique id's. However, when I use vlookup with conditional formatting, I can make it work for the first column only. When I use the Format Painter button to clone the the formatting horizontally. The Format Painter works for all of the variables, except the column number. And since there are over 100 columns, it would take forever to format each column individually. My question is two fold: Is there a trick to making the format painter work horizontally. Or is there a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  Attached is a paired down version of my excel file.
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abbas abdullaCommented:
If the sequence of columns is same in the two sheets then, change to conditional formatting formula to be

Check the attached file
kmgishAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Abbas!  That worked perfectly!  Exactly what I needed.

Thanks again!

abbas abdullaCommented:
You are welcomed. Please mark question as solved if this was helpful.
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