webgrid CSS to remove left margin

I am having a devil of a time aligning my webgrid on the page as I would like it. My web grid has a 4 inch left margin and a 1 inch margin on the left.

I have a css on the page:

 .webGrid {
        margin: 4px;
        border-collapse: collapse;
        width: 200px;
        background-color: #B4CFC3;

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but this does not seem to adjust the left margin. I would love to see the web grid as close tot he left side of the browser window as possible. Is there a some css i am missing to allow my webgrid to move fully to the left? align-items and align-content does not seem to be what i am looking for.

Thank you for any help
Justin HullAsked:
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Justin HullAuthor Commented:
I ended up centering my webgrid as I could not find an override for all margins on a specific page
Obadiah ChristopherCommented:
My web grid has a 4 inch left margin and a 1 inch margin on the left.
I am not sure I understood that correctly.

If you are looking to move the web grid as close to the left side of the browser window, you would have to remove the margin property from the CSS. Or try the individual margins, i.e. margin-left : -4px;
Justin HullAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replying. I seemed to have left out a word in that sentience. I was trying to say that I have a 4 inch margin on the left and a 1 inch margin on the right.

I was hoping there would be an over ride to that left side margin, something like

#WebGrid_IwanttoChange {
margin-left: 1px;

but margin-left didnt work, I do not want to change the css for the entire site so i dont want to change the site.css less we are calling that specific webgrid or that specific page.
Justin HullAuthor Commented:
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