Textbox Condition

I have Textbox with maxlenght of 4 characters;

If Textbox1.text = (is not a number) then
   Textbox1.text = DateTime.Now.ToString ("yyyy")
End If

Thanks for the help
Rowel VirgoVisual Studio .NETAsked:
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Éric MoreauConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Shaun VermaakConnect With a Mentor Technical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Dim number As Integer

Dim result As Boolean = Int32.TryParse(Textbox1.text, number)
If Not result Then
    Textbox1.text = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy")
End If

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
asker never came back!
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