Easy and light packet installer for Windows 10?

We need some kind of packet installer for Windows 10, that can start by deleting some files and folders and then create some new folders and exe.files and then create shortcuts to these exe-files. So something very light and unsofisticated that can contain all the files needed let the users install by just double clicking the installer.

Is there something out there which is not overly complicated and simple and not very expensive?

We need this in order to speed up the process after having created a new user after each tutorial session we are having when we want the new attendents start off with a fresh installment thus the need to first delete some files and folders created by the previous user.

We are aware that we could solve this by using .bat scripts and having the script erasing folders and files and then copy files from a seperate folder, but it would be nicer with just one executable file which contain all the files needed and which did all the spring cleaning as well.
Dag WoltersAsked:
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Dag,
This will be very easy to do with AutoHotkey, an open source, free scripting language. If you're not familiar with it, this EE article will get you going:

AutoHotkey - Getting Started

Here are a few other EE articles, each with a sample AutoHotkey script showing how to use the language:

Test IP Addresses with PING

How to solve the problem of incorrect System Uptime being reported when a system has been up for a long time (approximately 50 days or more)

How to create an on/off toggle to mute the system audio/sound with a single mouse click or single keystroke

Based on your question, you'll probably use these AHK commands in your script:


I'm sure you'll use some other commands/functions of the language, but the ones above are the crux of it. You would then compile your script into a stand-alone EXE that users would simply double-click (so users will not need to have AutoHotkey installed). The FileInstall command is crucial to achieve what you want, as it adds the specified file to the compiled EXE. All of the commands/functions are documented here (with examples):


The solution meets all your objectives/requirements, imo, namely:

• Runs on W10

• Deletes files and folders

• Creates folders

• Installs EXE files (and any other file types)

• Users just double-click to execute

• Not overly complicated

• Free

Regards, Joe

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Do the users have access to your network or are you kind of shipping this to externals?
I'd stay strictly with batch  or GPOs to distribute files.
Dag WoltersAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you!

As for your question, McKnife, we are having workshops during the day in wich participants join and play around with some software and files. Before the next session starts we would like to have an easy way to "restore" each laptop with the files in their original state so that the new batch of participant can start from scratch again.
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Dag WoltersAuthor Commented:
Thanks Joe for your excellent suggestion! We will definitely take a look at AutoHotKey!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome, Dag. If you need any help when you're developing the AutoHotkey script, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck! Regards, Joe
If the changes he makes are kept within his user profile, you should look at the concept of mandatory profiles which allow to renew themselves after logging off (changes don't stick).
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