Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 will not open on server

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 9.0 will not start on the server.  GP 9.0 installed on a server and was running properly with two clients computers.  One client computer died.  Installed client on another desktop.  Client Install appears to have been successful.  The client sees the server, the database and accepts "sa" or a user's login. Then the Client has to shut down because its version is not the same as on the server.  The GP_Login Errors.log lists the products that are not the same version.  

MS Dynamics GP Database version 90274 Client version 90114
Advanced Security db ver 90258 client 90114
Cash Flow Mgt db ver 90258 client 90114
Smartlist db ver 90258 client 90114
PO enhancements db ver 90258 client 90114
Report Scheduler db 90258 client 90114
Field Service db ver 90264 client 90114
Excel-based budgeting db ver 90258 client 90114

I can't get the program to open on the server to try and push out client updates.  When I try to run GP or GP Utilities, Distributed Process Manager opens, but it does not have any options to select except "Close."

Also, DPM shows up on the taskbar, but will not maximize.  If I run task manager, I can "switch to" it, but the only option available is "close."  

I have tried running GP or GP Utilities from a remote connection and on the server itself.  The result is always the same.

Currently, do not have access to the other client computer.

I've searched here and on the GP KB for possible fixes.  

I already know GP 9.0 is no longer supported and that there are limited SQL server options will run this version.  I am researching whether to upgrade to a newer version or switch to different program.  Have maintained Customer Upgrade Option for all the years since install.  Not sure we use enough of the program to justify upgrading.

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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
If I am reading the build numbers correctly in your post, the data on the server is GP 9.0 + SP1 + a hotfix and you installed GP 9.0 RTM on the desktop computer. GP, on purpose, will not let you launch the GP client if it is not the same build as the data to prevent data issues that can arise from the SQL table structure being different than what the application build is expecting. Are you able to install the expected build (9.00.0274) on the desktop computer?

Here is my list of builds that I was checking against in case it helps:
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I cannot help with the question of "what value you get"   Operating systems update, change security and change underlying calls  GP V9 is stagnant and apparently trapped by these changes.

Can you consider QuickBooks Enterprise?  QuickBooks Premier? or Simply Accounting?  

To circle back, is it worth upgrading GP?
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Seeing John's reply made me realize I only addressed the first part of the original post. This is really 2 questions in one: (1) the technical aspect of getting GP up and running again (if desired) and - separately - (2) should you stay with GP or go to another product. My 2 cents: the first we can try to help with here. The second can be REALLY involved and depends on a lot of different things that are often very specific to your business. Might be worth talking to a GP VAR/consultant about this to get their take on it and also discuss with a partner/reseller for a different product.
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wineybob18Author Commented:
I have GP9_Build_259(sp1).msp and GP9_Build_274(hotfix).msp on the server.  I copied to the desktop and opened the first one with Windows Installer.  A Windows Application Error appears in a few moments.  "The instruction at 0x00168550 referenced memory at 0x00168550.  The memory could not be written. Click on Ok to terminate the program."

Victoria, I spoke with you earlier this week about a cloud base install.  You suggested Dynamics 365, which I plan on checking out.  First I need to be able to run what I have though.

John:  Yes, I am considering QB.  Our company has retail, restaurant, wholesale, web, off-site retail, and product manufacturing of sorts all rolled into one GL.   Finding the correct solution is my holy grail.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you use Classes within QuickBooks for Retail, Restaurant, Web, Manufacturing, and other then this could work. If you make Inventory, you can implement Inventory in QB (any version). You would have to plan this move very carefully.
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
What OS are you installing on? I am assuming at least Win 7? If so, try the following:
  • log into Windows as the local built-in administrator - not a domain administrator and not a user in the local admin group, the actual local built-in administrator
  • if you installed GP to Program Files(x86) uninstall it and reinstall it to a folder directly on the C drive
  • now you should be able to install the service pack and hotfix

Hope that helps.

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wineybob18Author Commented:
I used the great information from Victoria to get the Win7 machine up and running.  The only change I made was using my own login instead of the built-in administrator's.  The machine came from a sister company and I didn't have the admin password at the time.  

I plan on researching QB more thoroughly as an alternative solution instead of upgrading GP.

Thank you again, John and Victoria for your assistance!
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