Access a current application and copy a number from a text file and paste into a slot then go to another slot by tab automatically and copy paste another number in the application in windows 2000

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Hi, I have an application running in windows 2000. I do not have the source code for that..Moreover, it is mandatory for me to run this .exe in windows 2000. I have attached the jpeg file of the gui. This gui consists of different slots where I can manually type voltages.

Coming to my problem,
However, I want this to be automated..I want to type these voltages hundreds of times and very fast. Thus, lets suppose I got these voltages from another program in to a text file.
 After assuming that I have a set of voltages in a text file.. Now i want to access this program, then copy a number from the text file, then paste in the program slot, then a double tab and copy and paste the next voltage. This process needs to be automated.. I have no clue what to do.. I was searching and found bat file or JAVA or .net can be used (just a superficial surfing the internet)... What platform should i choose for this program. Any help is greatly appreciated and acknowledged...Thanking u in advance
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You can roll your own using something like AutoIt, VBS.

2 paid ones I've used are:
 Macro Express, Keyboard Express. Very easy. Reasonable price.

Macro Scheduler, has screen scraping of text, so you can read text from any window for processing.

Also, there are lots of free keyboard loggers.


Thank you. Trying out Autoit


is there any way I can do this from a linux machine
NVITEnd-user support
I haven't done this myself but... Looks like Wine or native Linux scripting, e.g. Python is an answer
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