How to provide access or grant based on custom conditions

Assume i want to provide grant an user based on certain conditions not based on roles or permissions or anything.

Assume a user hits the url /getAllOrders. i need to give access if satisfies certain conditions.

In that case, i am not sure how to do it. I checked and come across AccessDecisionVoter and not sure whether it will be suitable for it and also don't know how to implement it.

can someone suggest whethere AccessDecisionVoter would be the right option ?
looking for working sample code snippet which uses AccessDecisionVoter

Software ProgrammerAsked:
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Andrei RodionovCommented:

I'm not an expert in Spring but I hope that discussion can help:
Assume i want to provide grant an user based on certain conditions

What conditions are they? I explained in one of your other questions that you probably do not need an AccessDecisionVoter.

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Software ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Condition is

User status should be active
User should be part of a specific group
User date should falls between certain condition
User should not have used more than the actual limit
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If you use a WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter  you should be fine.
Software ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Can u please help me with a sample code snippet for the above?
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