How do we import our own package to a program in Java?

I have created the following package including the add class to add program-

package add;
public class Add1{

int a=3;
int b=2;
int c=a+b;

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now when I make another  program  to print this add and import my add package by using import keyword that is
import add.*;

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it shows an error that is
package add does not exist, incorrect package.

Plz tell me what is the problem if it is wrong tell me the right way how to import my own package  to anothrer prgram with an example
Sourodip KunduAsked:
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It looks like that is a reserved keyword.
Try using an different package name, e.g.
package com.testcode.addnumbers;

and then import in another file using import.

On the other hand, if you are using eclipse, don't add the import and let eclipse find it for you ...
You can do cntrl + shft + o to let eclipse resolve packages.
Sounds like your package structure is wrong.

Please post a recursive file listing of your project directory
Sourodip KunduAuthor Commented:
What do you mean by recursive file listing plz explain
Here is what I did with your code.
In my working directory,  I created a directory named src
Inside the src directory, I created two files:
package add;
public class Add1{
	public int a = 3;
	public int b = 2;
	public int c = a + b;

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import add.*;
public class Test {
    public static void main(String arg[]){
        Add1 aObject = new Add1();

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 on my command line I typed three commands
javac ./src/ -d .

javac ./src/ -d .

java Test

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and the output was

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