System.FormatException:String was not recognized as a valid date time |When I open a app

System.FormatException:String was not recognized as a valid date time.........
I tried to open an app and I got this error.I don't know anything about coding or C#.Please tell me the solutions in simple steps.I have just reinstalled my Windows 10 to a previous build 1511.I got this error before also when I made a new user account.It usually appeared at the start.But this error appears when I open an app known as Who's on my Wifi..I know there is no problem with that app for sure
Vedant NaikAsked:
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Vedant NaikAuthor Commented:
It doesn't appear now.It occured only at the first time
You could check your Date Time Format under the Region and language settings, but you will most likely have to contact Support for your application:
Vedant NaikAuthor Commented:
I solved it on my own
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