Form design in visual FoxPro

How to Data add/ edit into table by form design by visual FoxPro.
Pl. Guide me. I have no idea for form design.
Sir, i have made input screen @ raw, column say command but I want to develop this screen by form design. But I don't know how  data  add/edit into table.
Suppose iname var. Content replace in name field. How form design add
If form design add / edit simple tutorial aavine pl. Send me
Mukesh JaniAsked:
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Mukesh JaniAuthor Commented:
I want to make form design input screen in visual FoxPro
Data add/edit into table
jrbbldr proposed Garfieldhudson's videos in your previous question already:

Did you watch these videos? Did you try to create a form based on these videos? What exactly is unclear?

Optionally, you may try to use Visual FoxPro Form Wizard (available in menu Tools / Wizards). It will show simple UI where you can select all basic features of the form.  Use the Wizard just in the case the generated form fully fits to your needs. I would not recommend any manual updates in the generated form because the code is rather complex. Garfieldhudson's videos are much simpler to understand.
Personally I would recommend that you DO NOT USE  the Visual FoxPro Form Wizard to create your User Input Form.
Yes it might quickly give you a VFP Form to use, but you would end up not knowing anything about how it was made nor how it might work.

Go to the Free Garfield Hudson VFP Tutorials and learn how to make your form.

EDIT:   I notice that you say:
i have made input screen @ raw, column say command
The @ Row,Column Say/Get approach is the OLD non-Visual Foxpro approach.
I recommend that you Do Not use that, but instead use a true Visual Foxpro Form as shown in the Garfield Hudson videos.

Good Luck
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Mukesh JaniAuthor Commented:
  i just tried simple data add in coomand button in form design as following



when i run  form
 variable not found   message display
pl. give idea
hope for response
It sounds as though you have not watched the Free, On-line GarfieldHudson VFP Tutorial Videos or if you have then you have not watched them all the way through.

Again I would however recommend that you DO NOT use a FORM WIZARD to build your Form.  
Doing it that way gives you a Form quickly, but it doesn't teach you anything about how it works and it also ends up with a lot of code that the WIZARD 'thinks' is needed, when it may only confuse things.    

Build your Form from 'Scratch'
< now add Form objects from the Form Designer tool bar >
< write code into the various Form object's Properties Methods as needed >

Open in new window

so that you can get it to do only what YOU want it to do and you can actually LEARN what is going on.

If you have created a VFP Form (by 'Scratch') and put a button on it, that's good, but what have you also put onto the Form for the user to input the data ('text1') ?

Then when your button is pushed its onClick method code needs to 'read' the text box value so that it can be used as the value to put into your table field.

Watch the all of the tutorial videos so that you can understand ALL of the parts.
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 1
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 2
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 3
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 4
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 5
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 6

Good Luck
Mukesh JaniAuthor Commented:
Input text box cannot read my data. What i do for read data.

I crate text box and I write code by command button click event.
Use tally
Replace name with text1

Error variable not found.
Pl. Give idea
I watched video by yours.
Hope for response
Just to explain what your code does:

Use tally  ... opens the tally.dbf table in the current workarea and sets record pointer to the first row. (SET DELETED may take into effect here.)

Replace name with text1  ...  replaces the column named "name"   by  column named  "text1"  or  by variable named  "text1".

If you don't have such column/variable then the error appears.

So you should tell what's your goal.

BTW, to replace column named "name" by value from the textbox named "text1" and placed on the form you may write:

Replace name with THISFORM.text1.Value

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Mukesh JaniAuthor Commented:
Sir, As per your guide line my problem solved.
Thanks you so much.
Mukesh JaniAuthor Commented:
I am very grateful to you.
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