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Trying to toggle a subform between continuous and single view

I have an access subform that I would like to switch between:

- Continuous with no footer visible


- single form with footer visible

I added a toggle button in the parent form with the following code

Private Sub Toggle441_Click()
    Dim FormFilter As String
    FormFilter = Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.Filter
    If Me![Toggle440].Value = -1 Then
        Me![Toggle440].Caption = "Switch to Continuous View"
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.View = 1
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.FormFooter.Visible = 0
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.Filter = FormFilter
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.FilterOn = -1
        Me![Toggle440].Caption = "Switch to Single Form View"

        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.View = 0
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.FormFooter.Visible = -1
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.Filter = FormFilter
        Forms![0_masterdatafrm]![01_WkgSubmtlContrSbmtlSchFrm].Form.FilterOn = -1

    End If

End Sub

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But when I click the button I get an error message 2465 "application-defined or object-defined error"

Any ideas how to do this would be appreciated
2 Solutions
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
I don't think that is possible.
I would create two subforms, then set the toggle button to hide one or the other. Much simpler.
Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:
You can achieve this with a sub form:

Create a main form.
Create 2 sub forms, one is continuous, the other is not.
Give a meaningfull name to the subForm control.
With VBA, change the SourceObject property.

Sample attached below.
rogerdjrAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll give this a try.
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